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My Companies

By RJ Wotus

For the stock market project I chose the company Best Buy because I thought there stocks would go up. Best Buy is my favorite place to shop at and I think a lot of people go there to get technology for good prices like computers and mp3 players. I think they like to target every age group almost and there pretty affordable too.

The 2nd I chose was Microsoft because it seems like they always do really well in the Christmas and New Years times. Microsoft provides a lot of services for so many different people. I invested in them because they seem like they sell a lot of products during the holiday season.

Finally, I chose Honda's stocks because it seems like they are a company that sells a lot of cars and people like them. I think most people like them because they can be fuel efficient. I think Honda targets people in the lower, middle, and upper class range because they sell cars for pretty affordable prices.


In Economics class I had to do this project on buying a car. I decided to pick a Dodge Charger SXT as the car I want to purchase. The sticker price was $19.105. The vehicle sticker price is $26,360.00 that is with the taxes . The insurance would be $207.06 from Esurance. It would take me forever to pay it off though.


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