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BIG NEWS!!!!! A Panda Attacked a man here is the link to see the clip
Here are some pictures of the Panda games.
The first picture Is a picture of Panda soup eating contest.
The second picture is the Panda Cup Soccer.
Finance your education stuff

RJ Wotus                                                                                                                                                  Block 1      

Finance Your Education Project

            In Finance Math, we have to pick a college to go to and figure out the costs and living expenses. My plan is to go to the University of Florida and get a 4 year master’s degree in Business Administration. Tuitions and fees for non-residents is $17,150. The fees are for lab and other miscellaneous things. The cost for books is $940. The cost for housing and meals is $7,020. The cost for computer minimum is $970. Local transportation is $520. General Expenses and clothing are $610. Optional Health insurance is $1,640. The total cost for tuition and the other fees per semester is $28,850. Four years the total would be $230,800. That is a lot of money to pay for college.

My plan to come up with all the money to go is to get help with financial aid and take out loans. I may take off a year and save up money by working at a place in town. If  

            By the time I graduate



Theres also was Panda in the park day in Pennsylvania!



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