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Pandaman Comics Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 1 Feb 28, 2004

"Origin of Pandaman"

RJ's point of view

I don't know how I got these powers, but they're great to fight crime with if I really actually knew how to fight. Right now would be a good time to learn since I'm stuck in my backyard going up against a foe I created.

"Look at this hat! It's fabulously cool!", I said on an afternoon in late May.

I was in my attic and had found this hat and on this hat is a Panda's head. I tried on the hat since my head was cold from being in the attic. An energy filled within me like a virus had just came or something. The energy made me go crazy; I knocked down some canister and it fell out my open attic window. It hit a car and smashed into my sister, Julie.

I ran down the attic steps and down my upstairs steps. I dashed outside with more speed than I've ever had. My sister was holding my cat, Yogi. She all of a sudden grew nails and fur like Cat-woman from Batman. Yogi jumped out of her grasp and ran towards me.

Julie kicked off the corner of my house and did a 160 degree spin kick into my jaw which sent me hurdling into our garage leaving a dent in the middle. Julie thrust her hand forward at my face, but the hat I was wearing gave me strange strength. I grabbed her arm and tossed her into the air, but had forgotten cats always land on their feet. I'm a genius; I should've remembered that sooner.

I stood up struggling to stand from the hit I had taken from Julie. Her nails extended out and sliced my shoulder and I flew backwards into a clothesline pole. She then high kicked me into the air like a frisbee and I landed far into our neighbors yard. Pain was all over my body and out of the corner of my eye I saw Julie hiss out the words, "This house now belongs to me!", and with that I fainted into a deep sleep.

I woke up behind a tree not knowing how I had gotten there, but I saw someone fighting a cat on my garage roof with some critter that looked like a bunny. I was too tired to watch so I laid down to sleep. "Wake up, brother," said a familiar voice. It was my brother Paul and we were sitting behind my Nana's trees in her acre of land. I sat up with a throbbing headache and a sharp pain in my shoulder.

Paul explained to me how he had gotten powers from wearing this bunny headband hat. Some how I had some kind of Panda powers which I thought none of this would be happening if I hadn't put on this hat. Paul said, "It will all be clear soon enough. Once I tell you the whole story." I decided to hear out his story and thats exactly what I did.

Pandaman Comics Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 2 May 23, 2004

"The Truth is Told"

Paul's Point of view

I told RJ this story because he needed to know.

I said to RJ, "A while back I heard a loud noise in the attic and decided to check it out. So, I went up to the attic very slowly pacing myself and I saw two guys that put a box that said 'Hats' on a box of Christmas decorations. Then the two guys jumped out the window and flew away.

I walked up the steps all the way and opened the boxed. The hats inside of the box glowed with marvelous energy. The hat that caught my eye was the bunny hat. I decided to put it on. It felt like I was faster than the Flash. I took the hat to school, but a man came up to me after I stepped off my bus and said to me, "We know you have the hat. We want the box of hats." " I was so scared I ran to my school.

When I got home I asked Julie where you were. She said you were in the attic. I ran up to the attic to stop you, but it didn't work. By the time I got there you already had the hat on. Thats why I was able to help you fight Julie."

RJ said in utter amazement, "The only reason I have powers is because of two robbery guys who put a box of hats in our attic?" Paul nodded. "Wicked cool," RJ replied.

Paul then said, "Their are more of our kind. Good and evil."

RJ replied, "Then I must wait and destroy the bad and become friends with the good."

Paul then said, "Lets go inside Nana's house. There you will be amazed."

Pandaman Comics Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 3 May 29, 2004

"Technology From Beneath" Part 1

No View this time however

Slowly but surely, RJ and Paul gradually climbed forward while Paul was trying to hold up RJ, but no success. Struggling, they made it up eventually with sweat drops pouring from each other. Even though they were superheros, they still had to suffer from a very tough tactical task.

"Behold. The house. Inside is a world unlike any you ever journeyed into before today."

Paul pressed a set of numerical pairs into the keypad attached to the side of the garage outside. Cautiously RJ watched, making sure nothing like a mutant team that would plummet from inside the garage and capture him with nets and gas bombs, so then they could put him into a lab and do research for their evolution project. Inside of the garage was a regular, ordinary garage filled with lawn chairs, two freezers, garbage cans and an ordinary back door.

RJ said, "There is nothing here that I haven't seen before. I've been to this house hundreds of times and nothing's changed this time."

Paul then snickered and blurted, "Come down stairs and behold our majestic technology."

RJ jumped onto the steps and twisted the doorknob till the door opened and he jumped all the way down barely landing on his feet. Paul, always looking up to his brother and copying his tactics did the same, but landed hard, and had to go back up to shut the door. RJ noticed nothing out of the ordinary, except for a red button over in the left hand corner between a shelf.

Paul ran over to RJ and said, "I see you noticed my button I installed, it's the only way you can get to my lab."

RJ dashed over to the button and pressed hard with his right hand. A flash filled the room and RJ felt strange vibrations piercing from the walls. He blinked and glared about. He was absolutely astounded with the mechanical machinery in the basement.

To be continued

Pandaman Comics Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 4 May 30,2004

"Technology From Beneath" Part 2

No view since it's a 2-parter

"Astounding", RJ said with amazement. There was a glass see-through table instead of Nana's ordinary wooden table with its table cloth. The rest of the room was normal, but had a glittering blue glow coming off of everything. There was another kid named Kevin. He was in eighth grade with RJ. RJ never really had talked to him much, only when he was in a class with him. Their was a gigantic computer with more than 20 cords and other electronic equipment all around the desk.

Paul said, "RJ, soon Nana will be coming home and Mommy and Daddy also. So we must get going. I'll show you more next time we come down here."

RJ said, "Don't you guys have an alarm or a camera hidden to alert you when Nana comes into the house or garage?"

Kevin, listening to the conversation, now replied, "Yes - I have an alarm planted above the steps and a camera in the outlet box."

RJ thought, 'Wow, how could my brother and a kid in eighth grade create such amazing things?' All of a sudden on the computer a screen popped up with a costumed vigilante robbing the First National Bank.

Kevin cried, "Paul, this is a code 124 Section B. I suggest you turn into your bunny costume." Paul picked up his rabbit hat, gently putting it onto his head transformed him not into a bunny, but more into a human rabbit. Paul said, "We'll talk later. I have to go."

RJ then quickly replied, "Wait. I'm coming."

Paul said, "OK, but don't mess it up." With that being said they sped out of the basement, out of the garage.

Then RJ stopped and yelled, "How do we get to the bank?"

Paul said, "I'll dash there with my bunny speed. You'll use your ... um... what is your power?"

"Good question." answered RJ.

Issue 4.5 July 31,2004 Industrial Bears Organization inc..

"First National Emergency"

News! - If your wondering why im making a 4.5 issue, It's because I didn't really explain how Bunnyboy ended up flying through the banks window. Those details and more will be explained in this 4.5 Issue!!!!

Dashing through the streets on his fury little spirited and energetic, they had enough energy to pop 200 bags of caramel popcfeet Bunnyboy was racing to the bank to discontinue the bank robbery. Within a matter of 50 seconds, he was already in the door with only a man standing with four regular girls. The teen, man, or boy, whichever fits your pleasing, was sticking these micro-ticks that were so small he had to look really hard to see them. The girls before the teen put the ticks on there necks were so free orn. The four females stood up like soilders in an army.

The teen said, "Who are you? You fuzzy vermin!" , to Bunnyboy.

The kid ordered the ladies to beat the stuffing out of Bunnyboy. Without hesitation the gals punced onto the top of Bunnyboy, making him hit the ground with a thump. Bunnyboy was laying their in pain and to make the situation worse they tossed him through the bank window, which made a screeching glass sound as he dove into it.

Then thats when the rest happened. End

Pandaman Comics Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 5 July 6, 2004

Made in part by THE WOTUS CLAN

"With Great Power

Comes Great Responsibility"

"Hey wait - Pandaman doesn't

know his powers!"


Paul just stared right at RJ and said, "How could you not know your powers?"

RJ replied angrily, "I just got these powers, you fatboy."

Paul, now getting steamed at RJ, yelled, "Well for that, I'm going alone to the bank while you stay here and work on your amateur powers!"

Paul then shot a look at RJ and dashed off so fast he was just a blur in RJ's eyes.

RJ said to himself, "Wait. I forgot to put the hat on. Laugh my hat off."

RJ then roughly slammed down the hat onto his butched hair cut head. BAM! The powers RJ felt were amazing. He was surging with energy he had never been exposed to. He then felt a piece of bamboo hanging from a belt. He was wearing dark glasses and also he had a black shirt on and white pants since he was a panda. He then thought, 'Time to help Paul with this bank robbery. '

He then pulled out his bamboo stick and was about to go plunging into the air when Kevin ran out and screamed, "Emergency!! Emergency!!"

RJ yelled, "What is it, Kevin?"

Kevin stammered, "It's...It's...Bunny Boy!"

Pandaman Comics Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 6 July 6, 2004

"To Rescue A Hare"

"What is it?" RJ said hysterically.

Kevin replied, "He's been hurt and I don't have any powers except for my superior intellect. He needs your help. Go now!"

RJ nodded, extended his bamboo stick, and started flinging along atop house roofs. He thought to himself, 'I need to hurry - not only is the person I'm going to save a superhero, he's my brother.' Soon enough P-man was there in a flash. He stood at the top of the building looking down at the entrance. He thought again, since he liked to think a lot, 'I am nervous, since this is my first mission.' Crash! A blurry haired figured crashed through the glass door, scattering glass and part of the door throughout the parking lot. A man in a hockey mask was the first to exit the bank. He had a golf bag full of money and those suckers that the bank gives out to parents who have kids.

He yelled to his crew in the bank, "Time to make our exit with the bank's deposit!"

Then, four other men jumped through the bank's entrance. They all were girls with there hair dangling down out of their hockey masks. Pandaman thought, 'Wait, with these new powers maybe I can decipher their identities.' He looked hard through their masks. BINGO! The one girl was a girl named Rachel Foley, who was short, but full of rough, tough action. While he was doing this another one of the girls looked up into the sky and saw P-man.

She yelled to the man, "Look, boss. On top of that building there's a pandaman?"

The guy glanced and said dramatically, "Toast. Go make that panda's toast burnt."

The girl who supposedly was called Toast stuck out her hand and pieces of toast smacked the ground pivoting her into the air. She did a flip and landed on the roof next to P-man.

"So, Toast; I never thought I would have to butter you for justice." said P-man.

Toast replied, "Time to taste the bitter taste of TOAST!!!!"

Pandaman Comics Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 7 July 11,2004

Made in part by the following :

Wotus Corporation, Save the Pandas

"His Beary First Battle"

On the top of the First National Bank of Corry, a hero is being made and a villain is fighting this hero. This villain Toast, the hero Pandaman. Let's continue from where we left off.

Toast and P-man were in a hot battle between good and evil. Toast fired a couple pieces of toast (DUH! What else is she going to use) at Pandaman, but the hero just swatted them out of the way making the toast plummet all the way down to the cemented sidewalk. Toast knew she couldn't win, but she tried her hardest. She was wearing a light pink backpack with her pup-pet made from a paper bag named Dave sticking out. Inside was her most valuable possession: a toaster. Her very first toaster actually.

She laughed menacingly and chuckled, "You stupid bear man. My team and my boss will take you out."

On the ground the other characters were entering into their van. It was covered with a black tarp, had spiked wheels, and there was a sticker saying, "I love Lord of the Rings", but the r was scribbled out and replaced with a d. One of the girls said, "Honey.."

The boy shouted, "I told you not to call me honey! Its Boss! Boss for badness sake!"

They all entered the car with the man or boy ,which ever you prefer - he's a teen, yelling, "Toast once you toast that nut-case come back to the joint."

Toast nodded. P-man was just standing there not even breaking a drop of sweat. Toast shot some toast out of her hand and entered them into the toaster. P-man thought to himself, 'Shes so dumb she doesn't have a plug-in unit.'

P-man then took out his bamboo stick and smacked Toast in the head knocking her off the building. She shot the toast downward onto the ground which let her fall down gently and land on her gluteus maximus.

Pandaman jumped off the roof, landed and picked up Toast by the shirt collar. Meanwhile, inside of the lord of the dings van the evildoers were fighting over whether to turn on the air conditioner or not.

The teen arguing said, "I am very hot and need the air." The girls didn't want the air, but they all agreed he was hot in a certain sense and not the sweating kind.

Over by the bank P-man said to Toast, "Toast, come on; I know you're not evil."

Toast just kept replying, "I love the boss."

P-man knew how to break her. He said, "Sheep."

She snapped out of her trance and said, "Turkey."

He said, "You're back." He explained to her what all was happening, but he didn't know how she got into the trance.

He said, "Toast, will you help me catch those crooked crooks?" She nodded. He still didn't know how she got the power, but all that mattered now was he had an ally and was going to use her wisely.

Panda~man Comics, Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 8 July 12,2004

Marvel and DC Production

"Community Errand"

He hadn't noticed Bunnyboy lying on the cement in pain from the robbery until now. He ran over to him and he was barely awake. P-man said to Toast, "Take Bunnyboy to the hospital, but do not remove his mask."

Toast nodded and picked up Bunnyboy and was barely able to carry him. Pandaman had his eye on the van and started to walk towards it. The girl on the right hand drivers side spotted P-man walking closer.

"Step on it," she yelled. "Here comes that teddy bear!" With that being said the van sped off shedding tire tracks.

Pandaman said to himself, "Finally some real action." He pulled out his bamboo stick and started jumping and almost swinging like Spider-man but not quite. They sped out going left and they raged onto the sidewalk right in the front of the Community Center. They all jumped out and dashed inside with the money except for Rachel, who was a bomb expert - she had put a bomb on the van for the unsuspecting Pandaman.

P-man quickly landed right on the top of the van, and set off the bomb's alarm. It counted 10... 9... 8.... P-man looked down and saw the bomb. He ripped it off with his panda strength and tossed in into the sewer just as the bomb went off and water spewed everywhere.

He hopped off the van towards the Community Center and smashed the doors, scattering glass every which way. He hadn't been here in a long while. He had some fond memories here, but he had no time to recall them. While he was thinking a figure leaped out from behind the desk and tackled him to the ground. It was a girl with a pig mask on. She was just sitting on top of his back, so he snatched the mask from her face as she turned to look at him. He was overwhelmed and stunned at who this was. Not only had he known her, but he had met her a long time ago. He still couldn't even believe who it was. It was... BAM!

The girl slammed his head to the floor and somersaulted over the counter and ran toward the gym. P-man got up and ran into the the Community room where Rex Apps was lying on the floor, sleeping.

P-man shook Rex for a moment and he awoke and P-man yelled, "Those ruffians! They will pay for taking out T-Rex!"

P-man lifted up Rex and told him the whole story about the bank robbery. Rex then agreed to help P-man stop the burglars. They rushed towards the gym, but out of the boy's room popped the three girls that were the criminals. They surrounded Pandaman and Rex. They looked vicious and downright worldly.

"I guess its time to put these gals in the slammer!" screeched Pandaman.

Rex said, "The father will punish you girls for your unlawful deeds!" With that the girls pounced into attack mode.

Panda~man Comics, Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 9 July 25 2004

A Maybe Disney Production

"Commune To Action"

P-man was ready to take on baddies so was Rex. Rachel was the most furious at P-man since he had beaten her best friend Toast in a fight. Rachel was the first to pounce - she landed a punch right on P-mans cheek, but it was so puny of a punch that it barely brought any damage to Pandaman. P-man made a fist and was about to lambaste Rachel into the wall, but then he forgot he couldn't hit girls. But since she was an enemy he decked her anyways. She went flying through the Community Center's office, shattering the glass and letting Rachel land hard onto a desk. The other two girls were fighting Rex and they were having a hard time with him too.

He had worked so long at the Community Center he had obtained skills from sports like dodge-ball and hockey. The girl with the pig mask attached to her face tried to kick Rex, but he grabbed her leg and threw her into the coat rack. P-man jumped over the counter and walked over to the girl and lifted up the mask. WOW!!!!! It was Leann that had ridden the church bus years ago and now had risen from wherever she had been. The other girl was lying on the floor since Rex had tossed her over the counter. Rex unmasked her, but didn't recognize the face. P-man did however. It was Amanda, The girl that Jon Metzinger had teased him about, but RJ always had proved him wrong with science.

P-man said to Rex, "Rex, there is one more villain. He is the leader - I think he's in the gym. Let's go get us a evildoer!"

P-man and Rex ran into the gym, but the lights had been turned off. Rex tried to turn on the lights, but someone had cut the electricity or something. At that moment - Bam! The lights came back on and a net with dodge-balls and basketballs fell on top of Rex and P-man.

The boy was standing at the exit with the bag of money and yelled across the gym, "You panda fool! I have won this round and this is not the last that you'll see of the legendary... Um... I have to figure a name out yet, but until next time Pandaman! Farewell!"

With that he ran out of the fire exit doors. P-man was disappointed that he had failed his first mission, but he vowed to get that idiot the next time they met.

Panda~man Comics, Inc.

By RJ Wotus

Issue 10 July 25, 2004

Coming to my house near me

"The Mask Makes The Hero"

After Pandaman untangled himself and Rex from the net he heard blazing police sirens and a copter circle over. P-man said to Rex, "Nice working with you, Rex. Hope we get together and team up again some other day."

Before Rex could reply he heard dozens of footsteps rush towards the gym. They were policemen after the trouble makers. Rex turned to to thank Pandaman, but he had already split.

Meanwhile, at the Corry Memorial Hospital, Bunnyboy was laying on a table with many doctoral instruments laying around him. The doctor, whose name was Dr. Kaufman, was patching up Bunnyboy's back. Toast was being held by the hospital staff because she was shouting for them not to remove Bunnyboy's mask. Kaufman saw that Bunnyboy was bleeding from the mouth. It was her duty to remove his mask; it was her destiny. She reached for his mask - sweat was running down her cheeks. The pressure of having a mutant in the hospital was unlikely; more like unhuman.

She held the sides and was getting ready to remove it ... "WAIT!!!!!!!!," was the words that P-man screamed down the hall. Kaufman let go of the mask. P-man gasped, "Don't touch his mask!" Kaufman replied, "OK. I have to respect patient's requests."

She handed P-man a first-aid kit and whispered to him as she hand-signaled her staff to retreat, "I feel sorry for you, P-man. Your brother Paul is in a lot of pain; I hope you can help him."

Pandaman was astonished. She knew who he and Paul were. She had figured out the identity of the two crime-fighting vigilantes which not even the robbers or the mystery man had been able to figure out. He picked up Bunnyboy, grabbed his Bamboo Stick and pole-vaulted them to the top of the hospital. He unmasked himself; and by this time Paul was fully awake, so he unmasked himself.

2:00pm : RJ and Paul started walking home after they changed in the back of the hospital. They walked across their neighbors yard, as the lady named Sue mowed the lawn. They got up to the house and walked in, and took off their shoes. Only RJ's Dad and Mom were home because Julie was in town with a friend. His Dad was sleeping and Mom was upstairs cleaning.

RJ's computer was already on, so he clicked on his mail. Inside was a very different email RJ had never seen before. Its lettering was black and white. He gently moved his mouse over to the mail and Clicked. BAM!

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