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Retired Questions and Reviews

Retired Questions
Retired Question 344 : Who is the Demented Vigilante? Answer : Jonathon Metzinger

Retired Question 276 : How powerful is Klace? Answer : So Powerful the editors can't say.

Retired Question 233 : Who is the mysterious Fop? Answer : Charles Smith 
Question 207 : Is Bunnyboy faster than Pandaman? Answer : Of course speed is his main power.

Question 165 : How many slices of pizza does the Fop eat daily? Answer : As many as he wants, Hes huge were not getting in his way.

Question 124 : What is the color on the inside of Pandamans hat? Answer : Purple

Question 123 : How old is the Fop? Answer : The Fop is 27.

Question  91 : Is the Demented Vigilante taller than Pandaman? Answer : No, DV is about 5"7 while Pandaman is about 6"0.

Question 38 : How old is Pandaman a.k.a RJ Wotus? Answer : 15                                                                                                                

Question 4 : How old is Bunnyboy? Answer : Bunnyboy is 9 years old


Retired Reviews
Review #127 Spiderman The Movie Gamecube game
            Swinging from rooftops is cool, but the consequence is greater when you accidently fall down. This game has good graphics with a lot of cheats. The bad thing is its split into levels, but if you just go find the handy dandy codes your set. Overall the villains are really easy. Besides the Shocker, he's a pain. The Green Goblin is actually easy on this game on the final level and it ends crummy.
        Final Rating for Spiderman The Movie Game - 85% - Which is a C.

Review # 98 - Spiderman The Movie
            Spiderman, Spiderman , friendly neighborhood Spiderman. To warn you Spiderman is one of the greastest heroes that was ever made. The movie doesn't portray Spiderman in the sense of a hero. I was disapointed that the Green Goblin was the first villain. The first original villain was Doctor Octupus, who I thought should've been the first villain, but thats a whole different review. The way the movie went It wasn't one of the greats. Some parts of it could bore you to death and back to Disneyland. The acting skills in the movie lacked a lot of actingness.
Final Rating for Spiderman the Movie - 85% - which is a B -.



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