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This page is dedicated to superheros everywhere! On this page I'll post reviews of superhero movies, shows, games, etc...

Review # 32 - Ultimate Avengers The Movie
                 This is probably the best cartoon based superhero movie you'll ever see. Not only does it have a good plot, but it also has class A heroes in it, like Captain America and Iron Man. The Incredible Hulk also adds in an extra dose of chaos into the mix. Aliens threaten to destroy

Review # 99 - Spiderman 2 the Movie
            If this isn't a good movie then your plum crazy. Even though Spiderman the first movie was a blowup ; Spiderman 2 makes up for it. Doctor Octupus in this film was really packed up with 3D graphics and tentacles. Even though Spiderman gets his identity revealed to a bunch of people on a bus, Mary Jane Waston, Harry Osborn, and Doc Ock the movie still beat Spiderman the first. That was there downfall. Revealing his identity to folks ; too many folks.
Final Rating for Spiderman 2 the Movie - 98% - Which is an A.

Review #114 - The Incredibles the Movie
         The best family oriented super hero movie money can buy is summed up as the Incredibles. Packed with action and super hero fighting. Mr.Incredible was very incredible in this film. I like how they didn't use real people. It may be a cartoon, but its a very good cartoon. Some places in the movie were meant for adults. Its an all around good to see family movie.
Final Rating for the Incredibles the Movie - 99% - A

The Grading System
100% - 94% = A
93% - 87% = B
86% - 80% = C
79% - 73% = D
72% - 67% = F
66% or lower = Z


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